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The development of LED lighting

Author : Date : 6-12-2016 12:49:40 AM


Application of P N first principle of semiconductor light source made of LED was published in twentieth Century 60 in the early 1990s, in 1964 the first appear red light emitting diode, then a yellow LED. Until 1994 before the successful development of blue, green LED. In 1996 by the Japanese company Nichia (Nichia) successfully developed a white LED.

LED with its inherent advantages, such as energy saving, long service life, vibration resistance, fast response characteristics, cold light source, widely applied to the indicator light, signal light, display, landscape lighting field, can be seen everywhere in our daily life, household appliances, telephone, dashboard lighting, automotive anti fog, traffic signal lamp etc.. But because of the difference of brightness, high price conditions, not as a general source application.

In recent years, along with the people to the semiconductor light-emitting materials research unceasingly thorough, continuous progress and new materials in LED manufacturing process (nitride crystal and the fluorescence powder) the development and application of super high brightness LED a variety of colors of the breakthrough, the luminous efficiency is improved about 1000 times, the color has been achieved all the colors of the visible light spectrum, and the most important one is the emergence of super high brightness white LED, make the LED application fields of high efficiency lighting across the market becomes possible. Someone has said that high brightness LED will be human after Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, one of the greatest inventions.


The development status of LED street lamp

For a long time, the traditional source of high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp has been part of the road lighting plays a leading role in the. In recent years, LED has achieved some success in other areas of lighting, development of LED street lamp, and open up a broader world. Compared with traditional light sources, LED in color, energy saving and environmental protection, life and digital controllable degree have obvious advantages. With the rapid development of the domestic LED lighting applications, LED street lamp prices will gradually reduce, LED street lamps for energy-saving products will be more and more application in road lighting.

The national policy will promote the development of the LED street lamp or

LED road lighting energy-saving features, governments face up to this point, "installed electricity the province", the policy of natural began to increase LED lamp installation, a lot of enterprises has been the first in the domestic market following training, will work to the global market.

The formulation of relevant policies in the street with standard LED, the support of the mainland, in 2013, LED street lamp market is expected to exceed 1 million, to 1320000 lanterns, accounted for the proportion of global will reach 32%. If it does not distinguish between categories, street lamp technology, share of global only 15%. But with the government's policy support, the development of LED lamps will soon spread. LED industry this year good, many LED companies performance of substantial growth, the future, there will be more enterprises engaged in the development of LED in the LED street lamp.

There are already hundreds of enterprises into the development of LED street lamp, some of these products have been put into mass production. Recently the Chinese Ministry of science and technology organized the implementation of the "ten city lights" program, has been a positive response from all parts of the country, to create the LED street lamp market huge, some domestic and foreign application pilot demonstration is also in full swing.

Market survey

China's large population, urbanization rapid development, road construction is also quite fast, there is a great demand for LED street lamp, LED landscape lighting outdoor lighting. According to authoritative organization investigation shows, China outdoor lighting industry annual growth in more than 40% of the speed, the output value in 2014 is expected to exceed $3500000000, in 2015 is expected to reach US $4700000000. Huge market share so many companies in droves, but also intensified the competition of enterprises.

Based on the investigation of Calcutta, London, Sydney and Toronto show that the citizens prefer LED lighting. A generalization of 68% to 90% of respondents support the technology to the scope of the. The sense of security of LED lighting brings and visibility of the ascension of the most concern.

The experimental test

LED street lamp life cycle in 50000 to 100000 hours, showing that LED street lamp investment is a high return on investment. LED street lamp technology and durability, small amount of maintenance. More than 6000 hours of fault using time of LED rate of products defective rate is 1%. And the same time the traditional lighting product failure rate is about 10%.

Energy saving lighting tests showed that the LED technology is now mature, can be widely applied to the outdoor lighting, economic benefit and social benefit for the masses.


Prediction of LED street lamp development prospects

The global LED lamp installation for the next 5 years the number will increase by 4 times

LED lighting to take off this year, including a large kinetic energy is the street lamp replacement. Last year, with the Taiwan area 100000 streetlights billion light, revenue will inject a NT $800000000; according to estimates, the global lamp installation for the next 5 years the number will increase 4 times, including Europe and the United States, in a policy to encourage secondary LED lamp installation, but the most potential is still an emerging market in Southeast Asia, West Asia etc..

The chairman of LED packaging and lighting brands billion light Ye Yinfu said, governments aware of LED street lamp energy saving effect, "installed immediately province electricity", one after another in order to promote the policy.

To America as an example, through the "recovery and Investment Act (ARRA)", not only grant LED road lighting project, also encourages the use of America locally made products. According to LEDinside data, as of the end of 2013, the 600 city America ready or have already installed LED street lamp, which New York city announced it would replace 250000 LED road lamps before 2017, every year can save electricity and repair fee of $14000000, is expected to 6 years to the.

Carbon and energy saving goal of reducing Europe is 20/20/20, consisting of the countries of their respective implementation; for example, the city of London, the British government recently announced, 2016 to replace 35000 LED road lamps, then the permeability will be close to 7.

Chinese puts forward "ten city lights" plan in early 2009, but due to the lack of national standards coordination, pouring quality uneven, some good and some bad, lamp fault, behind schedule in Europe and the United States; currently in progress of installation of rich city of the fast, such as the six major city Guangdong Province Pearl River Delta last year LED streetlight installed 300000 lamp. Taiwan LED Street listing Corporation including billion light, Delta, not listed are Hershey, light forest and other professional manufacturers. Taiwan area last year in the 5 11 County installed 250000 streetlights, then there are 800000 street lamp to replace, to 8000 yuan per lamp unit price calculation, business opportunities have NT $6400000000.

However, the biggest market or in emerging regions such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America and other places, at present the country there is no national standard LED street lamp, desk factory in Taiwan with a 5 standard case experience value, you can set the output of local.

LED industry, Taiwan 5 street lighting case can inject revenue, but profit is not good, is mainly used for the demonstration of performance to open up foreign markets. Last year the original talk about good per lamp cost is the cap NT $8000 plus repair fee of NT $5000, then the local government to repair fee of NT $5000 off. Recently came the next street lighting case, because of the government's fiscal problems, possibly by manufacturers to build the cost burden, to save electricity costs to amortize the year by year.

ITRI green deputy director Hu Yaozu pointed out, the new street lighting case is still under discussion, has not yet finalized. He said that Taiwan has a supply chain LED complete, to assist the manufacturers to attack the global market, ITRI proposes first of global LED road lamp standards in 2008, and to Poland, Thailand, Philippines and other countries to promote, in 2012 and the unified LED street lamp power supply specifications, let Taiwan street with standard heart, manufacturers can reduce the cost of.

In 2020 the market share growth of 60%

The LED market is at a critical point, the early stage and outdoor lighting with white LED is in the process of curve. Market share is growing rapidly, it is expected that in 2020 the market share growth of 60%. Recently, the International Labor Organization (ILO) a report concluded: the green economy can create about 6000000 jobs. The large-scale use of the climate group, PHILPS and its partners are calling on the government to accelerate city LED, immediately set about investment for capital, in order to create a large number of high value around the world work.

LED street lamp in replacing surge after 10 years the replacement rate is more than 9 into

According to a Navigant of intelligent street lamp research report forecasts that by 2023 global street about 93.8% for LED, and now, this data is just over 53%. But from 2014 to 2017, the global LED outdoor lighting will usher in the replacement of the tide. LED street lamp is thanks to the global popularization of upgrading the global push for energy saving, the price falls and LED street lamp technology. However, because LED prices continue to erode, and LED product to replace turnover decline, after a period of time will lead to street lighting overall revenue began to decline. The prediction of Navigant street lamp, the global income in 2023 will be $2500000000 in 2014 to $2300000000. From 2014 to 2017 will be the global LED outdoor lighting replacement boom.

Since 2014, the global LED outdoor lighting change tidal acceleration. The United States there are more than 600 cities are planning to LED Street facelift program, which New York will be replaced in 2017 the city's 250000 street lamps, after also will replace the decorative lighting Lamps City Business District of LED lamps, LED lamps which will be the largest facelift program in North america. With Europe, China, Japan has a degree is not a replacement action, is expected to 2014 ~ 2017 LED outdoor lights compound growth rate of more than 20%.

Other emerging market countries, such as Thailand, Russia, Latin America and Africa will also usher in large-scale Street outfit tide in 2014. Until 2015, LED street light permeability gentle gradually, the growth rate began to decline, the global annual LED street lamp replacement and new LED Street scale will be maintained at 10000000 / year.