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LED lighting related terminology

Author : Date : 6-12-2016 12:51:05 AM

Wavelength: color intensity variation of light, can be described by the data, the data is called wavelength. We can see the light wavelength, in the range between 380 to 780nm, unit: nano (nm).

Brightness: brightness refers to an object is defined as the degree of light and shade, light intensity, per unit area: Neate (NIT).

Light intensity: refers to the light source of the bright, also is the representation of a physical quantity, the intensity of light source emits visible light radiation in a certain direction and range of the unit: Candle (CD).

Flux: the light source emitted visible light per second sum, unit: lumen (Lm).

Effect of light: the power flux divided by the light emitted by the light source, it is an important index to measure the light source, energy saving unit: per Wa Liuming (Lm/w).

Color: light source of objects showing the degree, also is the color of the lifelike degree, usually called "the color rendering index, indoor color is usually denoted as Ra, with numerical representation, Ra100 as the color of sunlight.

Color: the color and the source emitting light at a temperature radiation light color is same, the temperature of the blackbody called the light source color temperature, only white only color temperature, unit: Kelvin (K).

Glare: in the view of a high brightness of an object or a strong contrast, caused by visual discomfort called glare, glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting.

The synchronization of two or more than two LED lights in the specified operating time not normal according to the procedure set, generally refers to the LED lamp control mode, synchronization is the basic requirement of realizing the LED lamp coordinate change.

Protection grade: IP protection grade is the lamp according to the dust, moisture resistant characteristics to classification, which consists of two digits, the first digit represents lighting dustproof, prevent foreign matter grade (0-6 grade), second numbers represent the anti moisture, waterproof lamps intrusive dense Feng Chengdu (sub 0-8 level). The larger the number indicates the level of protection is higher.

Cycle: natural or artificial light can affect the biological organism light dark cycle.

Photometric measurements: according to the luminous efficiency function are given, such as V (lambda) and V '(lambda), method for measuring the amount of radiation.

The intensity distribution of light or lamp intensity: every direction in the space distribution.

Light intensity curves (table): light intensity by the polar coordinate or charts, the value in table for the light intensity of light generated in each of 1000 lumens of luminous flux. For the non symmetrical distribution of light intensity, can use two different plane intensity distribution graph to represent the intensity distribution of the lamp.