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LED lighting applications

Author : Date : 6-12-2016 12:51:45 AM

Application field

LED lighting, bottom lamp, chandelier, decorated with projection lamp, LED lighting reflection uses can fully competent in any occasion, including the Museum of fine arts, the museum on the color request high places. But for shopping malls, office buildings and other large facilities, as the LED lamp range lighting had been born, but its directivity (the light emitted from the LED chip is straight, divergence is not good) is too high, resulting in a large area in the design of average illuminance is difficult. Lamp type LED lighting lamp arranged too close, the design cost is too high, the loss of the energy saving effect. Therefore, at this stage of the decorative use of occasions, LED lighting fully available, a large area of interior lighting is not mature.

1) signal indicating application: LED monochromatic light signal lighting is a very widely application is relatively early, about LED application market 4%.

2) display application: signs, billboards, large screen display, LED display screen for the application about LED application of 20% - 25%, the display screen can be divided into monochrome and color.

3) lighting applications:

The portable lamp: flashlight, headlight, miner's lamp, diving lights etc.

Lamp for automobile: the high brake lights, brake lights, turn lights, down lights, high power LED has been widely used in automotive lighting.

Special lighting, solar garden lights, solar lights, underwater lights; because the LED of small size, convenient for brightness and color control dynamically, so it can be used in building lighting.

The backlight lighting: general electronic equipment function display backlight, laptop backlight, large size and large size LCD display backlight source, LED as backlight source mobile phone display is the most widespread application domain of LED.

The projection light source: RGB light source projector.

The general lighting: all kinds of general lighting, the lighting source is divided into commercial lighting and home lighting.